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BLB is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to buy a property in UAE. Our greatest reward is to help you realize your dream property. Founded with a mission to offer attractive opportunities in residential and commercial real estate. We are a preferred service provider and channel partner to many esteemed clients and developers.

Our team of specialist agents can help you find your best home. We provide accurate, up-to-date property listings where you will know exactly what's out there in the market. We will help you focus on the factors that are important to your investment decision.

When you're ready to invest in real estate, you need trusted local experts; so call, email or chat with us today to arrange a free personalized consultation for all your real estate needs.

CEO’s message

Welcome to BLB Real Estate!

Having experienced both the highs and lows within the UAE market place, I truly recognize the necessary competence, commitment, veracity & knowledge required when dealing with any property transaction.

As the CEO of BLB Real Estate, I am confident and honored to lead a team of specialist consultants who strive to reach the highest quality standards with their in depth knowledge of the real estate market and achieve brilliance in performance. I am sincerely thankful to all our clients, partners & employees for trusting us and giving us a chance to prove ourselves as one of the best in the UAE market.

Anand Kadian CEO

CEO’s message

The commitment to bring the cheer of content to everyone involved has driven me to be undividedly devoted to my clients. With all humility, for 8+ years now, I have consistently been the highest performing advisor, widely accolated with coveted and prestigious laurels, year after year, by top-notch developers and partners, and recognized for my vigor and passion for the real estate market. 

Being privileged to have earned the trust and esteem of all distinguished developers in UAE, and the unending support of my Partner, I now feel ready to lead a dynamic team of highly motivated and dedicated specialist property consultants who are the best in the market. I pride myself on having my only goal as using my vision to constantly deliver happiness to our valued clientele, in the form of local as well as international property matched to their dreams, and uninterrupted support throughout and post. Being forever on-the- go to serve you to your utmost satisfaction, fulfils us!

Ambarish Jethwani CEO


Our mission is to provide our clients with the best deal by sharing with them a complete market analysis which covers property comparisons to make their decision easier. Our team of highly qualified consultants ensure to develop long term client relationships by providing the necessary information which drives customer satisfaction


We aspire to be globally renowned as a leading real estate service provider with our commitment to consistently fulfill our promises and exceeding their expectations.


Meet the team

Meet our highly competitive and trained team of expert consultants who would help you find your dream property.

Anand Kadian


AK@billionbricks.com 0529624449 | Rera No : 31266

Ambarish Jethwani


aj@billionbricks.com 0505655235 | Rera No : 30056

Sandeep Patil

Director Sales and BD

Sandeep@billionbricks.com 0547717848 | Rera No : 36024

Sarika Sharma

Director Sales

sarika@billionbricks.com.com +971 557929037 | Rera No :

Sayed Azhar

Director Sales

sayed@billionbricks.com +971525074778 | Rera No :

Amit Joshi

Director Sales

amit@billionbricks.com +971 55 192 2369 | Rera No :

Zahid Rashid

Senior Client Manager

zahid@billionbricks.com 0563508798 | Rera No :

Ibrahim Issa

Client Manager

Ibrahim@billionbricks.com 0547995184 | Rera No :

Adel Mahmoud

Client Manager

adel@billionbricks.com +971 547714253 | Rera No :

Sabah Bardhan

Client Manager

Sabah@billionbricks.com +971502428102 | Rera No :

Honey Kalwani

Client Manager

Honey@billionbricks.com 0547997204 | Rera No : 42492

Safy Alfeky

Client Manager

safy@billionbricks.com +971525599405 | Rera No :

Mohammad Al Sarah

Client Manager

alsarah@billionbricks.com +971547996579 | Rera No :

Faten Carina

Client Manager

carina@billionbricks.com +971547996818 | Rera No :

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