Arada- Nasma Residence


Arada was created to build communities that enrich, engage and inspire their residents. Our homes are exceptionally designed and are complemented with best-in-class amenities, all provided at an accessible price point. Our prime focuses are on the intersection of community, technology and sustainability – all critical and fast-moving issues in the world today – and how these three themes can improve the lives of residents, workers and visitors in Arada’s developments.

The focus of our first year of operations has been the Emirate of Sharjah. Our objective is to deliver the kind of communities that Sharjah deserves, and to aid in its transformation to become a truly global city. The two communities that we have launched so far, Aljada and Nasma Residences, are fulfilling that goal, generating significant interest from various stakeholders, including investors, end users, partners in both the private and the public sector and the media.

Arada Experience

In each of Arada’s projects, you come first. Our fully integrated communities are carefully designed with owners and residents in mind, ensuring that they enjoy a premium lifestyle in exceptional surroundings. When you live in an Arada community, you know that you will enjoy easy access to nature, shops, cafes, schools healthcare facilities and a lot more.

Keeping homeowners’ comfort top of mind, you can also rest assured that our projects are based in highly desirable locations, allowing you to make your commute or see friends and family in a fast, hassle-free manner. You can earn more about the facilities that we provide in each Arada community on these pages.

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