Jewelz by Danube

The Jewelz project is the 10th in the Danube projects portfolio, which embodies the future of luxury living in luxury apartments with the right prices. It has 1 per cent monthly instalments and for a period of six years, in addition to flat-free holdings and a return of almost 15 per cent.

The Jewelz project comprises 463 units worth AED 300 million, ranging from studio apartments to one or two bedroom units.

The project is located on a plot of land adjacent to the park with a special entrance that gives residents easy access. In addition, the project offers a wide range of leisure facilities, including a well-equipped spa, a swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, a multipurpose hall, a jogging track, a barbecue area, a badminton court, as well as the availability of an advanced technological system to enhance the protection and security of residents.

The architectural design touches on Danube’s design strategy, ensuring guests and residents can make the most of their living space and are ensured a comfortable living experience. On the other hand, the project has 50 per cent of open area, focusing on providing green spaces and beautiful landscapes.

The beautiful design is part of Danube’s company strategy that ensures users and residents can use the areas whenever possible, providing them with a luxurious lifestyle at reasonable prices, attractive 15 per cent returns on total investments, and a 1 percent flexible monthly payment plan.

The new project will ensure high return on investment, capital increase, streamlining of business and promote the growth of economic activities. In addition, the project offers low real estate prices, excellent returns for leasing activities, as well as favourable payment plans for investors, as well as a unique modern and global atmosphere. The current prices of real estate in the project fit the needs of customers who want to buy their own homes, especially as buying a residential property in Dubai is a better and more worthwhile option than leasing, especially when planning for long-term stability and accommodation.

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